Meet Our Team

It takes a broad range of people to make change happen. Innovative people with deep expertise, where ‘left and right hand brain’ are fully engaged.

We build teams that have the experience and ‘creative rigour’ to deliver change and make it stick.

People with passion and commitment can do amazing things. We bring these people together. Your leadership teams and practitioners know more about your organisation than anyone. Collectively we create catalysts to build new Enterprise Capability at scale.

This is part of our DNA, an essential part of what we do. We change the way people work together. We know that clear communication and ‘buy-in’ matter and these are often a question of trust. That’s why close proximity and collaboration are so important to us. We believe that expertise required to make change happen is already embedded in your organisations. Smarter interventions and collaboration between the right people using innovative technologies can enable surprising benefits.


Experienced Advisors

Years of change experience.

Leaders with insight and imagination.

Rational thinking and innovation.

People who know how to get things done.


Experienced Coaches

Know how people and teams tick.

Overcome personal challenges.

Develop constructive behaviours.

People who help people get things done.

We bring these people together.

Combined with our technology and content they offer the insight needed to deliver better strategy, marketing and customer value.

Bill Wright - CEO and Founder

Bill Wright

Bill Wright, Founder & CEO

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Andrew Seth - Chairman and Senior Advisor

Andrew Seth

Chairman & Senior Advisor

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Working with Brand Intellect

We are builders of Enterprise Capability, focused on strategy, marketing and customer value.

Marketing Science

More science into the art of marketing


More scale & rigour into the creativity

Return on Investment

More certainty & ROI into the outcomes

Hiring us may challenge your preconceptions of strategy, marketing and customer value. You may experience benefits including fearless conversation and sudden desire to innovate, think differently and build new kinds of enterprise capability.

Often we work on projects and programmes many others consider impossible. We invent and re-invent what we do and how we do it. We stay ahead of the game and deliver solutions that are fresh, relevant and useful.